In Roundup

What I learned this week…in random order…

• new sneakers are my favorite birthday gift to myself (I love these!)

• sometimes it takes staying up until midnight to make a photo sample just perfect

• having a bird feeder can be highly entertaining

• not everyone subscribes to the same sense of urgency as I do

• I have some very good friends that I know almost exclusively online

• in a pinch, you can substitute gray thread if you run out of green

• I love the sound of digging through the button jar

• I’m grateful for finding new jeans that fit. (thank you dENiZEN!)

• 2012 is moving entirely too fast

…..and on that last note, it’s Friday! (again!) Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

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  • Jeanne

    I can totally relate to every single item! Have a terrific weekend –
    First time I’ve commented, but love to read your blog –

  • Tracy Altieri

    The sound of digging through the button jar – yes! To be compared only to the feel of it. We definitely are on the same sensory track! Enjoy your weekend.

  • Bernadett


  • Jill P

    I am *shocked* you did not go for the green gingham pair! Love them!

  • laurareid

    New tennies are a wonderful treat! Love yours!

  • Holly U

    Funny, I just learned the grey for green tip earlier this month! Thought it was just me. :)

  • Patti

    I have this same pair plus the black with pink trim! LOVE THEM!!!!

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