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I finished knitting the Silk Moon Crescent Shawlette I mentioned last month. I think it turned out really well! Very easy, very fun to knit. They would make wonderful gifts, don’t you agree?

I’m not much of a *shawl person*, so this no-frills style suits me well. I’m often chilly and never go anywhere without some kind of scarf or cardigan, even in the summer. Over air conditioning kills me! I chose to make the shawlette (small) version of the style…just enough to cover the shoulders. I used stash yarn (see former post for links) so this was basically free, right?

As soon as the first one was off my needles I unearthed up more stash yarn to make another. I don’t even know what the yarns I used are, but the black has little beads mixed in. You know, for evening, dahling.

So what to knit next? I recently bookmarked the Albers Cowl by Ann Weaver. It looks very quilt block-ish, only knitted, of course. I kind of like the idea of knitting quilt motifs.

Do you knit in the summer? What’s on your needles?

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  • patricia

    Oh that’s something that I think i’d actually tackle!! I’m ALWAYS cold in summer/air-conditioned rooms (basically everywhere we go!). My DD is the same so I’m getting her used to carrying a sweater like I do.

  • lookingforsnowdrops

    Hi! I enjoy your blog so much. I’ve just nominiated you for the Versatile Blogger award, which I’m sure you’ve already received many times, but here it is again :)

  • sajuki

    amazing :D

  • Tracy Altieri

    Love the shawl – reminds me of watermelon! I just finished Pogona, by Stephen West – first shawl I’ve ever done!

  • pon

    Loved the blog…

  • kristilpow

    Gosh that’s cute! But, I’d have to make it into a blanket…ha! (When I’m cold, I’m COLD!) It reminds me of one my great-grandmother crocheted for me when I was little.

  • Beverly

    I’m knitting shawls this summer too! I just finished the Lazy Katy shawl. I found your blog through the Zite iPad app. It’s a lovely blog and I’ll be back!

  • Julie

    Those shawls are gorgeous! I love the beads in the black. RAV ID: Tanknit

  • The Hobbit

    Ok I’m hooked I wasn’t thinking of shawlettes quite yet but, with everybody doing them I guess I’ll jump right in and get er done.Of course yours are lovely!!That goes without saying.emueen

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