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So it turns out that Teresa, of the Green Bag Lady, has a dad that likes to help her out with the Green Bag Lady Blog and Freebies. For this week’s give-away of Stitch Organic, there were 33 winners of either fabric or sewn bags! Each person that entered was asked which of the 22 prints in the Stitch Organic print collection was their favorite. At the end of the contest, Teresa’s dad emailed me the tally. And the (print) winner is:

The Crewel Floral in the Garden Colorway! Coming in with 34 votes out of 189. Second place was the Crewel Floral in the Lagoon Colorway with 31 votes. Crewel Love people!

Second through tenth place are shown here, left to right, top to bottom. Granted, there were less than 200 votes, but I find this information so valuable as a designer of prints. I also love that Teresa’s dad, a retired electrical engineer, is involved in her project. My own dad is a great source of business info and support and I am grateful for that. Dads rock!

Congrats to you 33 winners of yummy fabric/bags and a big thank you to “Bagette Dad” for his tabulation talents!

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  • Green Bag Lady Teresa

    Ah, I love that you did this Betz! This is wonderful. Yes, dads do rock! I love that my dad helps out so much with Green Bag Lady, I don’t know what I’d do without him!

    We’ll have to do another freebie when your next line comes out. Hint hint. :)

  • Anonymous

    Thank YOU!

  • Bagette Dad

    Thanks for the kind words Betz, but I don’t work for free…you owe me a HUG. ooh, this is fun!

    Bagette Dad

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