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Knitting at the lake is my favorite. My mom and both sisters-in law knit, so there is always someone to join me with yarn and needles on the dock, the porch, or dining room table.

 I’ve been on a sock kick lately after marginal success with prior sock knitting attempts. My buddy, Susan Anderson posted her basic sock pattern recently and it has been just the nudge I needed. In fact, I bought the yarn I knit these socks with, from Yarntini, after seeing Susan’s years ago.

 I love the pink, brown and white combo. It reminds me of neopolitan ice cream! I was surprised at how the striping turned out. I had thought that it would’ve made more distinct stripes (like Susan’s) rather then so blendy. But I love how they turned out anyway. Super soft and comfy. Too bad it is 99 degrees out today. I’d like to wear them now!

I found this photo of the skein from a blog post back in 2008. Why did I let this yarn languish in my stash for so long?

I highly recommend trying out Susan’s sock pattern. It’s what finally made socks “click” for me! I knit one pair as per her stockinette instructions and then the pair above making the leg a 2×2 ribbing. Check out her Kitchener Stitch video for closing the toe. Best one I’ve seen for the dreaded stitch that really isn’t so bad.

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  • Anonymous

    The beauty of sock knitting is you can just take it anywhere , I kept dropping a needle so now I knit them on two circular needles , maybe not purist but much less frustrating lol
    happy knitting Chris

  • VSC

    Knitting by the lake… well that sounds just PERFECT : ) Thank you for the resources!

  • Tracy Altieri

    While I’ve done a lot of knitting – I haven’t ventured into socks – I’m in flip flops for as long as can stand it! Perhaps I’ll check her pattern out!

  • The Hobbit

    I seem to knit everywhere…….but, by the lake? Now that is heaven. I probably knit at least a dozen socks a year…….really! I’m currently hooked on short row heels Such fun! Glad you overcame the big bad curse. Now you’ll be making socks for everyone!!!

  • ~ Kim ~

    Looks fantastic. Love the colours of the socks.

  • Martyso

    I just started my first pair of socks for the Ravelympics. I will definately use the video! Thanks.

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