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I’m thrilled to be a contributor to Carla Hegeman Crim‘s new book, Sewn Hats, published by Wiley. Her blog tour for the book started last month, so you may have seen chances to win this book around the blogosphere. If you haven’t won yet, you get another chance here!

There is a hat for everyone in this book! Sewn Hats is full of 35 hat designs contributed by 27 fabulous designer/contributors, including Carla herself. Carla is the “Scientific Seamstress” and has done an outstanding job of diagramming, illustrating and explaining each step of the construction process. She also elaborates on tools, techniques and the all important topic of hat sizing! I know from my own hat patterns that this is super important.

I wanted my contribution to the book to be a fun hat for boys. Thinking back a few years, my boys always enjoyed a good bit of playing make-believe with costumes, especially hats. My husband still has his “Davey Crockett” faux coonskin cap from his childhood stashed in a box of memorabilia. We also have a framed print of Andrew Wyeth’s Faraway painting featuring a boy in a field wearing such a hat. The whole frontiersman theme makes me feel nostalgic on several levels! So designing the Coonskin Cap seemed like the perfect project. My design is made with 2 colors of faux fur and is lined with a plaid flannel. I especially love the way this shot is styled! The model has a look like Ralphy with his Red Rider BB gun in A Christmas Story ! :) See? I told you I was feeling nostalgic.

Ready to win a copy of this book? Leave a comment here telling me what kind of hats are your favorites. I will randomly choose a winner by Sunday October 7th at 10 pm EST. Open to US residents, only! Also, please make sure I can contact  you if you win!

***Comments now closed, thank you!***

Visit Carla’s blog for the full blog tour schedule! Only a few dates remain!

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  • Jillishness

    I’m thinking ahead to next summer – I’d love to make some nice sun hats for myself.

  • maggi

    I love your design for the book! What a cute hat and it does strike a nostalgic cord with the pose!

    My favorite hats are soft and floppy, and slightly crushable!
    I think that is from my childhood when my grandmother insisted we wear floppy wide-brimmed hats to protect our faces from the sun! Thinking about her always brings up really good memories!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Johanna

    I tend to wear my baseball caps. This book will help me break out of my rut!

  • Bree

    I love cloche hats!

  • Carmen Nuland

    I love cute little sun bonnets for girls

  • Ellyn

    baseball caps…

  • Anonymous

    with a new Grandson… I’m suddenly interested in baseball caps
    Thanks for the chance. Charlene
    [email protected]

  • Joy

    That “coonskin” cap is the cutest thing! I think I should make one for my 6 year old grandson. As for my favorite hat, I like the “bucket” hat, great for keeping the sun off my colored hair! Ha!

  • Anonymous

    Cloches are my favorite!

  • Leela the Kid

    cycling caps!

  • Kathryn

    Hats that no one else has are always my favorites!

  • Carol C

    I am a hat person also. I love all kinds of hats. Recently made some berets for my girls and now think I need to make an Elmer Fudd type hat for me (only cuter of course). Thanks for the chance to win. This book looks fabulous!

  • annemarie

    I actually love stocking caps – guess that is because I grew up in Minnesota. They are so cozy and warm.

  • Lisa

    I love hats that are soft, warm, and silly. Last year I ran around with a monkey hat on, my grandson had one just like it. His little friends all loved it and he kept his hat on!

    I just looked at a coonskin hat yesterday but I like your idea of faux much better. Would love to win because I know I would use it and I love books.

  • Cre-art Tünde

    So interesting book!
    I think it’s so good fun to make own hat:)
    Great projects:)

  • Maggie

    All of the hats in this book look like so much fun. I’d probably make these hats for some certain people that I know would love to play with. Thanks for the chance to win!
    [email protected]

  • Christina Gilman

    I just recently got into hats and have made a couple of big, floppy sun hats. I’m on the lookout for some nice winter hats that keep my ears warm without leaving me with scary hair! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Jessica

    I love hats with brims! I am constantly ducking the sun, and trying to protect my fair skin.. Thanks for the chance!

  • KAM

    Making hats has been a passion of mine ever since my days of costuming for film and live theatre; looks like you have some fabulous hats to make for next summer here in the rocky mountains….lots of sun, high altitude, just right for a big floppy brim.

  • Sylvia-Louise

    Hats are such a fun accessory! I’m fair and usually try to wear sun hats. I’d love to learn how to make other types.

    [email protected]

  • Heather O.

    I love sun hats! My father has cancer on his ear. So important to cover your skin.

  • freakadoodles

    I live in Florida, where the sun is really strong, so I like a hat with a big wide brim.

  • Marianna

    I wear a lot of baseball hats to keep the sun off my face. I would love a copy of this book to give me some variety in my quest to keep the sun off my face, neck and ears.

  • debbiekl

    I love sun hats for myself and the kiddos. Fun and saves me from using as much stinky sunblock

  • SewLindaAnn

    I love hats, my hair is too short to pull back so they’re easy to throw on. I love visors and hats with brims, also Spring and Summer floppy type hats with not so big brims. (I watch the Christmas Story every year and never get tired of it, love the reference)

  • Elizabeth

    I like sun hats in the summer and fleece hats in the winter!

  • Deb

    Love your projects, your blog and your books! My favorite hat is one that keeps my head warm in the winter!

    [email protected]

  • sophie

    I used to make hats and now that I have moved into a house with lots of studio space, I’ve unpacked some hat blocks and am thinking about making hats again–this book would be a great kick start for that intention.

  • Merideathx

    I’ve never made a hat before, but I love ones with big floppy brims. Thanks for the chance to win this book!

  • Meghan

    For me, I love cloches, but for my son, I love bucket hats and newsboy caps.

  • Ellee

    Hats with wide brims are my favorite since I sunburn so easily. soparkaveataoldotcom

  • Victoria Hewerdine Thornton

    I’ve made several “bucket” hats from Natalie Chanin’s book – great for trying out different techniques!

  • Susan

    Any handmade hat is my favorite! I have several knitted hats but no sewn ones yet!

  • Kelly

    Living in a colder climate, I like warm hats. I love the coon hat too!

  • crystal b

    Ooo. I love all hats. But I would have to make the Davy Crockett one for myself.

  • Sharon

    I like simple cloche style hats

  • Ann Comments On Everything

    Love hats of all kinds–but bucket style is a favorite.

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