Yesterday I introduced my new sewing pattern collection, Wildlife with Love™, with penguins Poppy and Pip. Today, I’d like you to meet their polar bear pals, Flurry and Fluff.

When I began researching endangered species for this collection, I knew I had to include what has become the symbol for climate change: the polar bear. And there’s nothing more endearing than a polar bear mama and her cub! They seem so sweet and playful…although I’m not sure I’d really like to meet one in the wild!

Before making my samples, I gave the wool blend felt my special soaking treatment to make sure the felt was dense and fluffy.
I didn’t want the baby bear to simply be a reduced size of the big bear. The baby should have different proportions and position. Many many prototypes later, we have the mama bear standing in classic “polar bear pose” while the baby is sitting. I feel that they are a nice compliment to each other and it was worth the extra product development time.
 Hanging out with their buds from the opposite pole, Poppy and Pip.
The PDF pattern for Flurry and Fluff is available now in my etsy shop! Come back tomorrow and meet the third pair of chilly chums in the Wildlife with Love™ line up!