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Baby it’s cold outside! Why not whip up a pair of snuggly boot toppers to get you though the winter? These could not be easier and they are practically instant gratification! All you need is an old sweater you don’t mind cutting up.

First measure the top opening of your boots. Mine are about 16 inches. Then measure around your calf at the point that your boots come up to when you’re wearing them. Mine measures about 14″ with narrow legged jeans on. You’ll want your boot toppers to measure somewhere in between in circumference. If they are too snug, they won’t roll over the top of your boots. If they are too loose, they will be all bunchy inside your boot. No good.

Next, find a sweater with some nice ribbing. You can use the bottom edge of a sweater or in this case, a big open cowl neckline. You’ll need approximately double the total length of your boot/calf measurement x about 6″ in width. I’ll need my sweater piece to be 30″ long (2 x 15″) and 6″ wide. The entire width doesn’t have to be ribbing, some can be the lower part of the sweater but you’ll want a knit that has some give to it.

Next cut your sweater piece it into 2 lengths measuring your approximate calf/boot top circumference. Fold one piece in half and sew the ends together. Repeat for the second piece.

Slide the topper over your tights or jeans so that the seam allowance is on the outside and the uncut edge of the ribbing is at the top.

Put your boots on then fold the boot toppers down over the top edge of your boots. Cute and comfy! how long did that take? 10 Minutes?
Things to consider:
• Try using the sleeves of a large sweater, then you don’t even have to sew up the side!
• Super bulky sweaters don’t work as well, especially if the top of your boots are a close fit.
• The sweater can be any content and it doesn’t have to be felted! In fact, a very felted sweater might not have enough give to stretch when folded over the top of the boot.
• Boot toppers are easier to put on with boots that zip vs. pull on.
• My boots have “boot straps” which make a little lump in the cuff, but not too bad.
• If you like the look of the topper peeking out but not cuffed over the boot itself, make them more snug to your leg, then put them on right side out.
 These would make a nice Valentines Day gift for anyone who loves to wear boots! And who doesn’t?

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  • anne

    Cute Betz! thanks for sharing.

    • Betz White

      Thanks! Now I want to dig out all of my scraps and make different colors!

  • Ludo braille

    Bravo !!!
    Très très bonne idée !!!

    • Betz White

      Thank you, Nadia!

  • Anonymous

    thank you for sharing, great idea. I’m gonna do this one.

  • Anonymous

    Even easier – just felt the sweater a bit so it doesn’t unravel, cut off the sleeves to whatever length you like (keep the cuffs) & wear em (cuffs up)!

    • Betz White

      Right! Just be sure, as I mentioned, that the sweater sleeves will be big enough. Most of my felted sweater sleeves shrunk too small to fit over my calves. I do like how they look worn up, too!

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