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I didn’t want the week to slip away without sharing a little beauty with you. The gorgeous fabrics above are part of my dear friend Jan DiCintio’s (aka Daisy Janie) latest fabric collection, New Leaf. Beautiful, colorful, organic cotton! I purchased mine from a great little etsy shop, Tactile Fabrics. If you’d like to see more of New Leaf, check out the New Leaf Bee Block Blog Hop.

While I can’t show you what I am sewing with New Leaf right now (hint: it’ll be in my upcoming book!) I can show you what I am knitting: socks! I know, big thrill, right? But look at this amazing yarn. It is Regia sock yarn in “Garden effects” by Kristin Nicholas. It’s like the yarn and fabric were practically made for each other. Beautiful color.

I recently read a quote from the artist Kaffe Fassett: “Color is so deeply affirming that I wonder why anyone questions its vital role in our lives.” Love that.

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  • Megan

    Well, for us knitters, socks ARE a big thrill and yours are beautiful! Wouldn’t your bucket hat in that fabric with some capris and those socks w/ clogs be so cute together? I love it all!

    • Betz White

      I agree, hand knit socks are a thrill. :) Nice outfit idea!

  • SandyH

    I’m totally in love with that yarn!

  • SandyH

    What color number is the yarn?

    • Betz White

      Holiday #3306! :)

  • Molly

    I want to knit socks! For many years (decades) I’ve had dozens of pairs of basic white socks. No laundry issues, every thing matches. Only this year have I changed my mind. I suddenly want color!

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