This week I’ve been working with felt and wanted to share a pretty simple technique with you. I’ve been loving things made with 3mm thick felt, like my Felt Ogee Ornament, but Shazbot! is that stuff pricey! So I came up with not only a pretty inexpensive substitute but one with an added feature: 2 colors!

To show you the technique I decided to make up a tutorial for my business card caddy. I’ve used these at craft shows and they get as much attention as the things I’m selling! They make a handy place to display your business cards that is eye catching and fun.

You’ll need 2 colors of Wool Blend Felt and some Steam-a-seam Fusible Webbing. I cut both colors of felt and the webbing the same size, about a half inch bigger all around than my business card. If you want your caddy to be a little deeper, make your rectangles a little larger.

Next, following the manufacturer’s directions, fuse the webbing onto the back of one of the felt rectangles and peel away the paper backing. Then place the webbing side down onto the other felt rectangle and fuse again.

Now you’ve basically bonded the 2 felt pieces together, making a sturdier 2-tone felt. Pretty! Its not quite as thick as 3mm felt, but the fusible webbing adds a little body.

Here comes the 3-D part. Pinch the corner together where you would like the sides to come up. I marked the edges of mine with a vanishing ink marker at 3/4″ from the corner.

Next I pinned the edges together and stitched perpendicularly from the edges to the fold. 

 Repeat for all 4 corners and you are done!

Plop your cards in…Ta Da! I like that they lean back like this, they are easier for people to pick up vs. laying in a flat stack. Of course you can make this in any sort of size and dimension for all kinds of uses!

Fusible webbing is such a versatile material. It’s great for felt appliqué…a topic for another Felt Lore!