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Sharing with you some little windows into my studio space. This is where I spend many hours of my day creating, day dreaming and honestly, working pretty darn hard. Lately I’ve been cleaning, organizing, and beautifying as well. Tomorrow this space (and myself!) has  got to be camera ready for something special coming up!

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  • Alejandra Alcantara

    So beautiful Betz! All the little details make it so cozy and reflect your creativity and personality. Hugs from Mexico. :)

  • SandyH

    It is beautiful! Love all the light coming in through the windows. A very inspiring space!

    • Betz White

      I get a blast of sun in the morning and it’s great!

  • Betz White

    Thanks, Alejandra! I love my little space. :)

  • Ludo braille

    Très joli espace de travail !!!

  • Laurie

    I love your space! Tell me, how are your printers trays hung? I have two, somewhere. Not sure how to hang them. I had one standing on the kitchen counter in a former home with way more counter space than I have now. I would love to get mine hung again and unpack all the little treasures that go into each cubbie!

    Laurie S.

    • Betz White

      The tray has sort of a hinged loop screwed to the back that flips up and then it’s hung by those loops on screws put into the wall. I don’t know what the hardware is called but it allows it to hang flat against the wall.

  • Tracy Altieri

    Wonderful! My studio space is moving from the basement to a sunny second floor room. Walls are painted, new shelves going in soon!

  • Jody Ouradnik

    What a beautiful space, Betz! Are you also a hooper? It looks like I see a hoop in one of the photos. :-)

  • simply bev

    You have a beautful space – looks like a wonderful retreat to spend some creative hours!

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