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I couldn’t let another day go by without posting about Kathreen of the blog WhipUp because not a day goes by without thinking about her, her family and what she has given the crafting community.

If you don’t already know, Kathreen and her husband Rob recently passed away tragically, leaving two beautiful children behind without parents. I’m posting about them today as a celebration of Kathreen’s life and to spread the word about an education fund that has been set up for her children.

I didn’t know Kathreen “in person” but Whip Up was one of the very first blogs I read regularly back in 2006 when I started a blog of my own. She championed the handmade movement like no other, promoting the work of so many of us around the world. Our virtual paths crossed many times over the years. I contributed a project to one of her books, we followed each other on twitter and instagram, we exchanged occasional emails. No, I didn’t know her “in real life” but through the magic of the internet, I knew her like you know me. We were connected.

This past fall, Kathreen shared that she and her family would be taking a year off to travel Austrailia. This was going to be the ultimate expression of what she stood for: Slow living, quality family time, connecting with nature, and taking the time to explore oneself with personal projects. When I read about this it was like getting a little jolt of energy. Yes! I thought, “We should totally do that too!” I immediately peppered Kathreen with questions and started dreaming about her adventure and what might be mine someday too. Sadly, we know that her dream and her beautiful life was cut short.

Fellow blogger Kay and Ann of Mason Dixon Knitting have asked the blogging community to honor Kathreen this weekend and to link to our favorite Whip Up posts.  I’d like to point you to Kathreen’s online magazines for kids called Action Packs. These are wonderful resources for kids 7+ full of great activities that they can do on their own. (Summer is coming!) Action Packs are ad free and packed with projects and ideas that promote all of the things that meant so much to Kathreen: family time, making things, being outdoors and more.

If Kathreen and her blog has meant to you what they’ve meant to me over the years, I hope you’ll consider making a small donation to the education fund that has been set up for her 10 and 13 year old children. Information about the fund can be found here. The email address for Paypal contributions is [email protected] You can donate through Paypal by clicking the button below.

Have a beautiful weekend, get outside, hug your family and be good to yourself!

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