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Now that the pool is open and my boys have joined swim team, I’m going to need a beach bag full of knitting projects to keep myself busy poolside. Hooray for summer knitting!

But what to knit? I’ve tired of scarves and hats (I have too many) and shawls (I never wear them) and I need a break from socks. So what now?

I decided to pick up a project I started last summer, the Ribband necklace/cuff by my friend Laura Nelkin. She’s got a gazillion great ideas and has the best beaded knit jewelry kits. Knit jewelry is the perfect summertime knit and those beads sure are pretty.

Laura sells awesome kits complete with yarn, beads, instructions and posts technique videos online as well. After Ribband I plan on making her Soutache Set!

This week I grabbed some stash yarn and started a pair of mittens. Since I’m not sure how well I can knit on tiny needles at the pool (bright sun, sweaty hands, swimmers distracting me…ahem) I feel the need for a bigger-needle project. But mittens? I’m not convinced.

Now I’m on the lookout for something bigger. Maybe a whole sweater! That would definitely involve a yarn purchase. I think I’m up for that. :)

What’s on your knit list?

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  • Laura Nelkin

    WOOT! Go Betz! This is the perfect summer knitting! I should come join you at the pool!

    • Honor628

      My favorite hooded cardigan is tired… just found a great new patter… going to try to make it in cotton… never worked with cotton for knitting only crochet.

    • Betz White

      I wish you could! I need poolside knitting buddies.

    • Betz White

      Ooh, what’s the new cardigan pattern?

  • Jen

    That’s lovely! I’ve mostly been doing hand sewing for the last couple years, but recently had a bit of an itch to knit a celtic cabled blanket… but who knows if I will follow through with that, or if my wrists could even handle it!

    • Betz White

      That sounds ambitious!

  • sue

    I’m starting another Baby Surprise Jacket (Elizabeth Zimmerman) so I have one ready for giving. This morning I saw a fun pattern for crocheted boot socks, if you crochet, on ballhanknskein.

    • Betz White

      I like the idea of having a baby gift ready. Thanks!

  • Marsha

    I am obsessed with making baby stuff. I do have a one year old granddaughter, so that is inspiration, for sure!! I also have two clients who are expecting babies. One of them is having twin! Oh my!

    I am working on the tulip yoke cardigan and The Sunday Sweater. I have made In Threes cardigan (swoon!) and Cassia (double swoon)!!These are small, portable and fun to knit. I also have downloaded playful stripes.

    Last Easter I knitted Well Dressed Bunny. That was my first animal and it turned out great. I gave it to my grandson for Easter. Animals would be good poolside knitting.

    • Betz White

      I love all of those suggestions! The only baby gift I need right now is for a boy, so I won’t be knitting those sweet girlie cardigans (darn!). That bunny sure is cute though….Thanks for the ideas!

  • Caitlin

    Hi Betz! I’m the editor of and I was wondering if you’d at all be interested in guest blogging for our yarn blog, I would love for you to do a feature on knitting with beads. Please feel free to contact me if you’re interested:

    Thanks so much!

    P.S. I LOVE your site! :)

  • Jeneen

    Hi – I’ve been lurking off and on for a couple of years now and had to comment on this post. When I have the need to knit, I knit baby hats for my local children’s hospital. They are always grateful to take them off my hands! And, I’ve had my hands busy while watching TV.

  • Josie Vaughan

    I started knitting about a year ago and only knitted scarves but i think you should give a bag a try.
    PS: you gave me great advice

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