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We’ve just returned from our annual vacation in New Hampshire. We had a beautiful hot week of sun, water, sand, blueberries, family, and more. There’s nothing better than to see your own children enjoying the lake where you spent your own summers with cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents. Pure heaven!

Although it’s only late July and we still have plenty of summer left, it feels past the tipping point. Maybe it’s because our NH trip is always the highlight of the summer and we are resisting re-entry into our weekly routines. Or maybe it’s because I’m in the homestretch of my book writing with just a few weeks until my manuscript deadline. Eek! Breathe. Drink coffee. Eat blueberries. Repeat.

By the way, the photo collage is made up of my Instagram pics. Yes, I’m back on Instagram! If you’d like to follow me there, my user name is betz_white.

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  • Joyful

    Beautiful pics! Enjoy the rest of your summer.

    • Betz White

      Thank you, and you as well!

  • anne

    Yes Beautiful! Good luck with your home stretch! Thinking of you!

    • Betz White

      Thanks! Let’s make plans to celebrate afterward!

  • Bernadett Rauski

    Wonderful collage.:)

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