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I took the plunge and started knitting a sweater! This summer I wanted a bigger knitting project to tackle beyond sock or scarf knitting. I came across this beautiful book called Metropolitan Knits by Melissa Wehrle.

The Meier Cardigan on the cover caught my eye (I’m such a cardigan girl!) but the sweater that won me over is the Washington Square Cardigan, below.

Isn’t it adorable? Chunky, yet not too bulky, with a cable-esque lace pattern up the front. This is my first real foray into lace knitting and I think that using a bulky yarn is the way to go for a lace newbie like me.

So far I have the back knit and half of the front. I’m using the specified yarn, Cascade’s Ecological Wool, but in a slightly darker brown that I thought would be a more flattering color on me. So far the instructions have been very clear and easy for me to follow. I had a bit of a gauge conundrum but I contacted Melissa through Ravelry and she kindly answered my questions and got me on my way.

I love the contrasty buttons she used on her sweater and can’t wait to pick some out for mine. I’ve been eyeing these handmade porcelain buttons from Melissa Jean (another Melissa!) that are so beautiful. I’ll keep you posted on my knitting progress and what buttons I end up choosing.

For some more peeks inside Metropolitan Knits, check out Interweave’s preview page.

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  • SandyH

    Can’t wait to see the finished product! One day I hope to get up enough courage to knit a sweater.

  • Bernadett Rauski

    I like it with the red buttons.:)

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