rest, relax, reset

This past Thursday I turned in my manuscript for the book that I’ve been working on for the past too-many months. Yippee! In honor of that immense accomplishment, we left for a 4 day [...]

Felted Wool Scrap Bags

Fresh felty scrap bags are in the shop! About once a year, if I can find a helper, I dig into the closet of felt scraps. He and I sort through my years (years!) of collected and hoarded felted [...]

5 Minute Berry Pie

I’m no food blogger and I’m definitely no food photographer but I couldn’t resist posting this pie recipe my mom gave me. “Even you can make this”, she said. I took [...]

thinking inside the box

Before we left on our summer road trip to NH, we stopped by a Red Box to rent some movies for the boys to watch during our 12 hour drive. But I also grabbed another red box for the trip…our [...]