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Yesterday, Thanksgiving, was the first day that I didn’t work AT ALL since…maybe August? Boy, was that nice. Good food, family, knitting and watching the 80’s movie Planes, Trains and Automobiles, what could be better? I’m grateful for it all.

We’re not a family that says grace at the dinner table, but somehow, inspired by my Mother-in-Law, we’ve come to invent our own version. Every evening when the four of us sit down for dinner, we join hands, give a squeeze and say, “We are thankful for food and family.” Sometimes on rushed evenings, like before scout meetings, it’s more of a quick declaration, “Food! Family!”. But it’s all the same. We are grateful for each other and all we have to share.

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with much food, family and relaxation. Get ready…December is next week!

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  • Tracy Altieri

    Happy Thanksgiving Betz!

    • Betz White

      Thank you Tracy, and to you as well!

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