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Last week I revealed ornament pattern #3 of my Holiday Stitch-along Ornament Club, the Felt Origami Wreath! Today I wanted to show you a quick variation of it made with ribbon.

Original Origami Wreath Ornament on right, ribbon version on left

Instead of using a 1″ width strip of felt, I used a 1″ wide ribbon in a Christmas-y red plaid. I followed the same technique of folding, stitching and pleating as used on the felt version. You can see that the ribbon is, of course, much thinner than the felt and behaves differently when manipulated. I decided to leave off the beads since the pattern adds quite a bit of interest to it.

I’m guessing that a grosgrain ribbon would add a little more stiffness and body as would a ribbon with a wired edge. Something else to try! I’m also scheming to try this using jelly roll strips in quilting cotton in a larger scale wreath. What do you think?

If you’re not a Club member, the individual Felt Origami Wreath Ornament Pattern is available in my etsy and craftsy shops.


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  • Lee

    Cute! I am happy I am a club member! I think the jelly roll strips for a larger wreath would be great! Thank you!!

    • Betz White

      Hi Lee, I’m glad you are enjoying the club!

  • Wify

    gorgeous!! I should make the one…:-)

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