JP hardware title

I’ve got a new  item in my shop to share with you: The Jet Pack Hardware Kit! Save yourself the trouble of hunting down the perfect hardware for your Jet Pack Bag and get sewing faster. I’ve done the footwork for you!

JP hardware 2

Each kit comes with 4 D-rings, 2 snap hooks, 1 slider buckle and 1 twist lock all in a shiny nickel finish. I’m telling you, the hardware makes the bag! The more bags I sew the more I am convinced of it.

jet pack porch

The sewing pattern for the Jet Pack is not included in the kit but is also available in my etsy shop. (The shoes? Because I know you’ll ask, are by Keen and I got them on

jet pack zipper

To make the Jet Pack you’ll also need to get yourself a 16″ zipper. You can buy zippers locally or you can check out the selection of Riri zippers at Pacific Trimming. They offer a wide variety of zippers in whatever length, style and color you want. Riri zippers are Italian made and a bit of a high end zipper at $12-14 a pop but they are really beautiful and well made. You can choose the zipper tape color to match your main fabric or your accent fabric.

jet pack lining

And now I have a few bag making tips that I stumbled upon when making my Jet Pack! Many bags that have the zipper inserted in a panel (vs. one sewn to the top of the front and back, like a zippered pouch) require that the lining be hand  sewn to the zipper. This is really quite easy to do if you know a few tricks!

1) Once the fully sewn bag and lining are put together, turn the whole thing inside out, so that you have easy access to the lining when sewing.

2) After you’ve aligned the folded edge of your lining with the zipper tape, use safety pins to hold all of the layers together while you sew. (I used “bent” safety pins, the kind used when pin-basting a quilt) This has made a HUGE difference for me. No more getting poked with straight pins!

3) Double your thread and use a thread conditioner like Thread Heaven to reduce tangling. Use the Ladder Stitch to sew the lining to the zipper tape.

What are your favorite bag making tips? I’d love to know! I’ll be back later in the week with another tip so stay tuned…