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Do you guys know about the Perfect Pattern Parcel? I’m thrilled to announce that I’m one of the featured designers in Parcel #4, on sale starting today! Attention all MOB’s (Moms Of Boys), this pattern collection is for you! Choose your price for a curated collection of digital patterns to support independent designers and children’s education. All Pattern Parcel profits go to benefit teachers and students through Donors Choose. Each sale lasts only two weeks, so don’t delay.


Pattern Parcel #4

Look at these handsome patterns for playtime, dress-up and pretend. It’s not easy to find great sewing patterns for boys but this line up is pretty dang adorable. The cool thing about Perfect Pattern Parcel is that you get to choose the price you’d like to pay while supporting indie pattern designers AND donating to a worthy charity. Win-win-win! Visit the Perfect Pattern Parcel website to purchase and to learn more about each pattern you see here.

Did you recognize which pattern is mine? It’s the almighty Jet Pack Bag, done up all boy! Angie F, pattern tester extraordinaire, made up this one in the most awesome Japanese fabric. I love it! Your little guy can carry it on his back, then convert it to a cross-body bag when he’s tired you wants you to carry it. :) By the way, hardware kits are available for this bag in my Etsy shop, if you’re interested!


betz white jet pack bag - boy


There’s a tour you can follow along to see all of the patterns made by a great group of talented bloggers! Here’s the schedule:

Friday, August 22
casa crafty ||
Lulu & Celeste ||
Keep Calm and Carrion

Saturday, August 23
Max California ||
Amanda Rose

Sunday, August 24
little betty sews 

Monday, August 25
Kadiddlehopper ||
Radiant Home Studio

Tuesday, August 26
La Pantigana ||
Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy Crafts ||
Friends Stitched Together

Wednesday, August 27
Make It Perfect ||
Modern Handmade ||
GYCT Designs

Thursday, August 28
Needle and Ted ||
Mae & K ||
Mimi’s Mom

Friday, August 29
Pienkel ||
Once Upon a Sewing Machine ||
Friends Stitched Together

Saturday, August 30
FABulous Home Sewn ||
Gray Skies ||
The Crazy Tailor

Sunday, August 31
Nine Stitches ||
Max California ||
Oliver’s Fancy ||
Friends Stitched Together

Monday, September 1
a happy stitch ||
lady and the gents ||
Our Family Four ||
Swoodson Says

Tuesday, September 2
verypurpleperson ||
Things for Boys ||
The Crazy Tailor

Wednesday, September 3
Our Family Four ||
Rebekah Sews ||
a happy stitch

Thursday, September 4
Sew a Straight Line ||
la inglesita ||
Made by Sara ||
Knot Sew Normal

Friday, September 5
Knot Sew Normal ||
Gracious Threads ||
Sofilantjes ||
Max California


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