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Now that you’ve sewn your Reversible Bucket Hat, are you ready to sew more? Let’s talk about some alternative materials you can use to make your next hat!

cargo RBH


I made this hat for my son a gazillion years ago (ok, maybe 5) out of an outgrown pair of cargo pants, lined with an old dress shirt. Using old clothing to make hats is pretty fun when you can reuse a detail, like that little pocket up there on the crown. Other garments made of a mid-weight fabric like jeans, skirts and khakis are fair game! What’s in your closet that could live a new life on your head? (iron on fish appliqués, optional!)



Fall-ish Fabrics

If your kids are back to school (already?!) you may be feeling like the bucket hat is too summery to make more of right now. I think not! I made this hat with a narrow-wale corduroy and lined it with a print sateen. I also embellished it with a band and felt flower. Ooh, what about a nice plaid flannel or a tweedy houndstooth? Charcoal heather wool. Yes!





Here’s an oldie but a goodie. This hat was made from fused plastic bags. Remember when that was a thing? It was such a thing that it (and me!) made the cover of Craft magazine. Aside from fused plastic bags, you could also sew together Tyvek mailers for a fun, crushable, water resistant rain hat. There are also plenty of pretty laminated cottons (fabric, like oilcloth) available if a rain hat is what you’re after.

If you’ve been sew along with us be sure to keep on posting photos of your finished Reversible Bucket Hats on Facebook and Instagram with the tag #sewlongsummer. The pattern is still on sale through August 22nd when the contest ends.

For more info check out the first post!



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  • Heather

    I love your hat as it fits you so well and is a great shape. I have just found your blog so think I will have to try this hat!

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