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When I first started designing bags I didn’t use very much hardware, aside from an occasional magnetic snap closure. I focused on form, function and fabric first. I still base my designs on those things but I’ve come to love using hardware and the professional, finishing touch it adds to bags. I recently wrote up a Resource list for a new online class I have coming out next month (sneak peek!) and thought it would be useful to share that list with you here. Hopefully knowing where to get beautiful hardware will take the intimidation out of using it!



I love a nice metal zipper to finish off the top of a bag. My go-to source is for high quality Riri zippers. They offer a wide variety of zippers in whatever length, style and color you want. Riri zippers are Italian made and a bit of a high end zipper at $16-18 a pop but they are really beautiful and well made. You can choose the zipper tape color to match your main fabric or your accent fabric. The downside (besides price) is that it can be tricky to choose color with their digital colorcard.


betz white duffle lining zip

For a wide variety of YKK zippers, including smaller nylon zippers for pouches or interior pockets, check out Zipperstop.

There you can buy individual zippers with a variety of pulls plus a rainbow assortment of colors. Very affordable! Of course you buy zippers locally as well, at the big box fabric stores or smaller shops. While they may not carry the variety in style and length that you can find online, color matching cannot be beat in person!

betz white jetpack hardware

Rings, Slider Buckles, Snap Hooks and more!

Is it possible to buy all of the metal hardware you need for a bag from one place? Hmmm, maybe! Again, as with zippers, it may be difficult to find all that you need locally. Online shops offer a variety of finishes (shiny nickel, antique brass, for example) and sizes and are easy to search for. Etsy is a great resource but be sure to check where the shop is located. Many ship from China and your order can take 2-3 weeks to receive! Ain’t nobody got time for that. Well, you might if you really want a particular item! Here are my favorite online hardware shops by location:


Hong Kong:




MHipster webbing

Webbing Straps

Cotton and nylon webbing to use for bag handles and straps is pretty easy to find locally but with limited color options. I’ve ordered online from both of these shops: AGraffSupplies

What are your favorite resources for bag making hardware and materials? If you have any tips please share them in the comments!


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  • Hilda

    Thanks for sharing your zipper resource! I have such a hard time finding nice metal zippers.

    I get almost all my other hardware from I’ve always been really happy with quality, price, and shipping times!

  • Donna B

    Thanks for sharing your resources!

  • Four dogs and one quilter

    Thanks so much for sharing all these great resources.

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