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I’m thrilled to announce a new feature on the blog! I’ve gathered a cracker-jack team of awesome sewing bloggers to contribute here on a weekly basis. Each Friday, starting March 6th, one blogger from the collective will be sewing up a Betz White Sewing Pattern of their choice and sharing it with you. There will also be a sprinkling of book projects from Present Perfect! Yay! Along the way you’ll get to know them, learn their tips and techniques and hopefully be inspired!

Allow me to introduce you to each member of the Betz White Sewing Collective and they’ll tell you a little about themselves.


Hi, I’m Cindy Guch, owner of Raspberry Sunshine.  My life-long affair with collecting and carrying handbags led me to start sewing them myself in 2011. At I share my many sewing and quilting adventures, pattern reviews as well as patterns I test for other designers. When I’m not working, I can be found reading, quilting, and spending time with my high school sweetheart Matt and our three boys.

 Find Cindy: Blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest



[image_options image_id=”14420″ align=”none” overlay=”file”]BetzWhite-collective-Veronica[/image_options]Hi, I’m Veronica, a civil engineer turned stay-at-home mom who traded in my briefcase for my mom’s vintage Bernina sewing machine. Now instead of designing airports, I create sewing tutorials, clothes for my daughter, and handbags for myself! I’m also a contributor to the Craftsy blog and Melly Sews and recently I opened a pattern shop featuring my own designs. You can find my free tutorials, pattern reviews, and patterns for purchase on my blog, sewVery.

Find Veronica: Blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest



[image_options image_id=”14421″ align=”none” overlay=”file”][/image_options]BetzWhite-collective-Wendi

Hi! I’m Wendi Gratz. I spent over twenty years working in the children’s book industry and the experience has left its mark on me – all my favorite artists are children’s book illustrators, I believe people are basically good, and I can’t abide beige. Now I live in the mountains of North Carolina where I spend my time designing sewing, quilting and embroidery patterns especially for beginners. I’m on a mission to teach people that anyone can sew!

Find Wendi: Blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest



[image_options image_id=”14422″ align=”none” overlay=”file”]BetzWhite-collective-Melissa[/image_options]Hi ! I’m Melissa, the crafty lady behind the blog A Happy Stitch where I share my adventures keeping creativity and inspiration a part of the everyday life as a sewing instructor (watch the video!); a pattern designer and parent to two wild, nature-loving boys.  I’m a Minnesota girl at heart, raised in a family of seamstresses and furniture makers, now living in the mad, mad suburbs of New Jersey.

Find Melissa: Blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest



[image_options image_id=”14423″ align=”none” overlay=”file”]BetzWhite-collective-Sara[/image_options]Hi, I’m Sara! I’m a wife and homeschooling mother of 6. Sometimes it’s crazy here, but we love it! I design bag sewing patterns, but I enjoy sewing and design of all kinds. I love to experiment with new ideas. You’ll find a variety of projects on my blog, including garments for myself and my children, projects for the home, fabric design ideas, embroidery, and lots of bag tutorials!

Find Sara: Blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest



[image_options image_id=”14425″ align=”none” overlay=”file”]BetzWhite-collective-Stephanie[/image_options]Hi! I’m Stephanie and I blog at I live in Iowa and keep busy sewing toys, softies, and clothes for my kids and myself. I try to use up every scrap, not matter how small, and love upcycling!

Find Stephanie: Blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest



[image_options image_id=”14426″ align=”none” overlay=”file”]BetzWhite-collective-Rebekah[/image_options]I’m Rebekah and I’m the fabric fanatic behind The Little Red Thread.  I work out of the colorful, organized chaos of my sewing room in Vandalia, OH, under the keen eye of my rambunctious daughter, Fiona, and husband Chris.  When I’m not busy sorting thru my fabric stash or designing new quilting patterns, you can find me digging in the garden or reading a new favorite book well past my bedtime.  Keep up with all my adventures over on my blog, The Little Red Thread.

Find Rebekah: Blog, Instagram



[image_options image_id=”14427″ align=”none” overlay=”file”]BetzWhite-collective-Pamela[/image_options] 

My name is Pamela and I am very fortunate to be the mother of three wonderful  girls. I have always been artistic … but when it came time to choose a profession, I was brainwashed by my father to become an engineer. My full-time career takes me around the world but doesn’t really allow me to unleash my creative side.    So when I am home and the kiddies are in bed, I am usually sewing, baking, knitting or something along those lines – all things I am sure most of my coworkers could never imagine me doing!Find Pamela: Blog, Facebook, Pinterest




Hi! I’m Stacy and I’m the blogger behind StacySews where I chronicle my daily adventures (and the occasional misadventure) in creativity. While I primarily sew clothing for myself and my family, I also adore making bags, costumes, and the occasional home decor project. I am currently living in Kansas with my husband, two children, and an ever growing stash of fabric.

Find Stacy: Blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest


I hope you’re as excited as I am about working with these talented people! The first contribution post will be this Friday, so stay tuned!

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  • Stephanie

    Can’t wait to see what everyone else makes, thanks for having me!

  • Melissa Q.

    Betz! I couldn’t be more excited to be involved! What an amazing group of women, I’m so honored to be among such talent. Let the sewing begin!!

  • Cindy

    So honored to be included in this amazing group of ladies!! We are going to have so much fun.

  • Veronica

    So happy to be a part of the team, Betz! I look forward to sewing up your patterns and sharing them with all your readers and mine, too! Oh, and I laughed out loud when I read Pamela’s bio. Sounds like she is an engineer, too, that didn’t really enjoy that particular profession. Sewing is a lot more fun! ;)

    • Pamela

      Veronica – glad I could give you a good laugh!! It is all true! :) Were you brainwashed to become an engineer too? hehehe

  • Sara

    Thank you so much for including me! I’m really looking forward to seeing what everyone makes!

  • Jamie

    Yeah – you were three when you said – I don’t want to be a nurse or a mommy . I want to be a chemical engineer and carry a briefcase…except you said breezecase.

  • Nienke

    Wow, looks like a dream team! Looking forward to seeing their creations!

  • Pamela

    Thanks again for including me! :) I really enjoyed reading the other girls’s bios and checking out their blogs. And I am looking forward to seeing the first post today!

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