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Summer means travel and travel means hauling gear. Pamela shares her globe trotting Smile and Wave Tote with us today! – Betz

I am happy to be back and showing you another bag I have made.

I love tote bags.  Even my kids will tell you I love tote bags.    I have made several totes over the past few years and enjoy finding new variations on the tote bag!  Well, with the adorable wavy outside pockets on the Smile and Wave Tote,  I  knew this was a project I wanted to do.


Smile and Wave Tote 1


The Smile and Wave Tote pattern comes in two sizes and I choose to make the smaller size.


Smile and Wave Tote cover


I really wanted to make the larger one like on the pattern cover , but I only had a limited amount of this really cute map fabric…. so it was decided for me: the small pattern it is!

But I am glad I made this size because as you can see here, it is a nice tote size….not too big and not too small :)


Smile and Wave Tote 3


The Smile and Wave Tote features roomy exterior pockets on both sides of the bag:


Smile and Wave Tote 4


The pockets wrap all the way around and come together at the sides:

Smile and Wave Tote 6


And they close together with a magnetic snap:

Smile and Wave Tote 7


And on the inside, there are roomy pockets and also a zipper pocket.

I followed the instructions in the entire pattern, with the exception of the zipper pocket on the inside lining.  Betz has a really cute pocket on her bag which is made using coordinating fabric to match the outside of the bag, as you can see here:


Smile and Wave Tote 8


But as I already mentioned, I didn’t have enough of my map fabric, so I made a slight change and did a welt pocket instead, which has the pocket tucked away between the lining and the exterior fabric.


Smile and Wave Tote 10


I really like this tote J  The wave pocket on the outside makes it different and interesting!


Smile and Wave Tote 11


Smile and Wave Tote 12


I would like to try and make it with some sort of waterproof fabric as a beach or pool bag next! Want to make your own? Get the pattern here!

[image_options image_id=”14427″ align=”none” overlay=”file”]BetzWhite-collective-Pamela[/image_options] 

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  • Karen H

    Pamela, that is an adorable bag and I especially LOVE the map fabric! Do you remember who made it? I would love to find some for myself. :)

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