cosmos infinity cowl

Wendi and her daughter join us today with a little back-to-school idea! – Betz

My daughter is getting ready to head off to school in a couple more weeks and I wanted to give her a gift for the new school year – something she would get a lot of use out of. I picked up Present Perfect (full of cute gift ideas) and settled immediately on the very first project. The Cosmos Infinity Cowl.


Present Perfect - Cosmos Infinity Cowl


My daughter loves scarves and cowls and she has lots of warm knitted and crocheted ones, but I loved the idea of making her a lighter weight cowl that she could wear in the fall and spring. They do a lot of hiking and playing and working in the woods at her school, and a cowl works better than a scarf for most of those activities. Finally, she can’t stand anything stiff or itchy and I knew she would love the soft jersey. And I would love playing with the reverse applique.

I made my cowl pretty much exactly as described in the book. The only thing I did differently was to use these nifty duck-billed applique scissors to cut away the jersey shapes.


applique scissors


They worked like a charm! I was able to slide that curved blade under the jersey and cut away the shape without worrying about poking the lower layer or snagging the one on top. Very nice!

Here’s a close-up view of the finished cowl.


cosmos infinity cowl 2


Even without the applique this is a lovely and simple infinity cowl – very fast to make, with easy instructions and only a tiny bit of hand-sewing at the end.


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