Pamela’s back with more pleats! This time she enlisted her daughter to help out with the project. Very fun! – Betz

I loved learning how to do the pleats on the Pasha Pleated Clutch, and so I jumped at the chance to make the Greta Cloche from Betz’s book Present Perfect.

This is the adorable hat shown in the book:

Greta Cloche by Betz White


So adorable that I ended up making two of them. My daughter wanted one, but so did I, so I made us each one!

Great Cloche1 Present Perfect


Here is the one I made for my six-year-old. She just loves the flowers on it, which she helped me stitch together.


Great Cloche2 Present Perfect


To scale it down to fit her smaller head, I took the pattern piece from the book and put it in my copier and reduced it to 85% of original. Then I changed the brim measurements to also be reduced by the same amount. When sewing the pleats in the brim, I decided to do four pleats then instead of five. Otherwise I followed the pattern exactly.


Great Cloche3 Present Perfect
Great Cloche4 Present Perfect


I also made a hat for me in a black knit jersey. This past winter, I knitted myself several hats, but I don’t really have any jersey hats at all. The good thing about jersey hats is that they are perfect for spring and fall weather when it just starts to get cool … or just for a cute fashion accessory!


Great Cloche5 Present Perfect


I did consider flowers but decided against them on my hat. I was slightly worried that it would look like something was missing without the flowers, but the pleated pattern around the brim is so pretty that the hat looks great without them too.


Great Cloche6 Present Perfect


I have to say that I love this hat! The pleats give it such a different look and it really is a quick sew! I will definitely be making several more of these in different color knit for the girls!!!


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