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Make n Bake Apron betz white


Happy (almost) Fall everyone! Can you believe the busiest baking season is almost upon us once again? If you’re like me both fabric and baking obsessed, especially this time of year, I have the perfect pattern for you to try.


Present Perfect - Make & Bake Apron betz white

image from Present Perfect

The Make & Bake Apron from Present Perfect is not only exceptionally easy to make but it also looks stellar on. The pleated details make this one apron that’s anything but boring.


Make n Bake Apron 4


While this apron is very simple in construction making the long and narrow waist and neck ties may present a challenge. Try this tip on this pattern or any pattern that involves making straps or ties:

• You will need one tube turning kit (like the Dritz Quick Turn ) This little notion is incredibly handy. It’s the kind of tool that will make you wonder why you never thought to use one before.

• A paint stick, yes the kind that they hand out when you purchase your paint at the hardware store.

Once you have your first set of waist ties sewn right sides together, use your turning tool to quickly flip your tube right side out. Use the little wooden turning stick to help you poke out the ends of your tube and gently push out the seams.


Make n Bake Apron 5


Then using your paint stick gently slide it all the way to the end of your turned tube taking care to make sure your seams are straight and lined up on the sides of the stick. Next, with your iron set on the cotton setting, begin to iron your tube flat. I found the easiest way to do this is to nudge the paint stick along with the tip of your iron. Make sure to keep your seams even with the sides as you go along. You can see from the picture below that eventually your paint stick will slide out the end of your tube.


Make n Bake Apron 3


I can’t take all the credit for this technique as it was once handed down to me by a very kind and wise *coughBetzWhitecough* lady. It is, however, one tip that is worth noting and passing along to whoever you can.

Betz does mention that you can make this apron using cotton fabric or vintage sheets but I opted to use a cotton linen blend for its durability and lovely drape (all fabric is by French General for Moda, the main fabric is called Bon Voyage).

I did find this apron to be a bit long for my liking but it can be easily modified to fit any height by adjusting the hem, just make sure you measure twice before cutting! It’s also worth noting that if you’ve been graced with a fuller chest or you just aren’t into the full coverage style, you can make just the lower portion of the apron as the directions are broken down into bite-sized sections.

Happy Sewing!


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