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Metro Hipster1


Hi everyone! I’m Cindy, from Raspberry Sunshine, back today to show you The Metro Hipster Bag Pattern and how it inspired me to create a traveling gadget case for my iPad and Kindle!




Released in November 2013, The Metro Hipster was designed for carrying all your essential items in stylish and functional way. The adjustable strap is attached to both front and back of the bag which keeps the bag close to the body and not swinging around. Large pockets that have secure closures complete this great pattern.


MetroHipster 2


My first Metro Hipster still gets a good workout when I need a bag to use on busy day, but what I have been really needing is something that can safely store my Kindle, charger and earplugs. So as I took out this pattern again I realized that two simple changes could turn this bag into a fantastic tech case for my Kindle!


Metro Hipster3


The first change I did was to take out the strap, tabs and hardware for the strap. The next change was to take out the recessed zipper and made it into a simple top zipper closure. That’s it! I just added two zipper end tabs to the zipper then sewed it together like most pouches. The large padded interior pocket is sill there as is the large exterior pocket with swivel clip closure. That will hold my earplugs and charger.


Metro Hipster Case


Isn’t it wonderful how a few simple changes of a pattern can create a whole new look? A whole new function? I now have a bag to store my electronics and pockets to hold other accessories. Plus, it can fit in suitcases or larger totes while I’m traveling or out and about. A win-win all around!



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  • Sara

    Great idea Cindy! I was thinking you might have resized it too, but you modification is so easy!

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