Hot Chocolate Ornament - betz white


Hello! Wendi here from Shiny Happy World. Making this sweet mug of hot cocoa was a real challenge for me. I usually design fairly two-dimensional felt ornaments, and if I get 3D it tends to be simple and sewn. This tiny little mug of cocoa was perfectly three dimensional, has a clever hidden structure, and uses glue.

Glue! I have a bad history with glue.

So imagine my surprise when it turned out to be easy and fun – and just as adorable as Betz’s Hot Chocolate Ornament Pattern photo!


hotchocolate ornament pattern - betz white


I made mine red instead of blue, because I’ve been using this red and white twine on ornaments and I’m a little obsessed with the color combo right now. But that’s the only change I made.

Because I was nervous about the gluing I followed the instructions precisely – and they were terrific! The pattern has really clear diagrams that showed precisely where to glue and – even more important for me – how to hold it together while it dries. Left to my own devices I would have tried clothespins, which would have resulted in sad, flat crunchy marshmallows more like Lucky Charms things than the puffy pillows I like in my cocoa. 🙂

Speaking of puffy pillows – look how cute these felt marshmallows are!


Hot Chocolate Ornament - betz white


In real life I admit to using more than two. I typically fill my mug half full of cocoa and half full of marshmallows. I love the way they taste after they soak up the hot chocolate! But that would have made a very weird-looking ornament. 🙂


Hot Chocolate Ornament - betz white


One more note – the ornament uses a very clever structure inside to help it hold its shape. A paper towel tube! Here’s a photo with my hand to show the scale.

So cute!

I loved this project and I’m going to gift it to my chocolate-loving daughter this year with a jar of hot cocoa mix. She’ll love it!

Hot Chocolate Pattern available here!


{Note from Betz: For those of you wondering about my Holiday Stitch-along Ornament Club, there will be no club this year but there will be ornaments! Coming very soon, I promise. I’m very excited and I can’t wait to show you!}


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