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Creative live Basic Tote Class


Heads up! For the next 24 hours, my Creativelive class, Build Your Own Tote: The Basic Bag, will be broadcasting for FREE!


Basic Tote betz white

Totes are the perfect place to stow away your farmers’ market finds, your library books, or your beachside accessories – they are also a lot of fun to make!

Learn how to build your own versatile bag in Build Your Own Tote: The Basic Bag with me! You’ll learn how to:

• Assemble your sewing tools
• Select fabrics and stabilizers
• Line, stabilize, and add enclosures
• Add a simple slip pocket
• Create self-fabric handles and finish the bag

I’ll offer tips on marking, cutting, and pressing your fabric and  show you how to create depth by boxing the corners. I’ll take you step-by-step through the complete bag-making process, so you end up a bag that is sturdy and ready to be customized!


basic tote creative live betz white

Hop on over to Creativelive now and check it out!

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  • Lynda

    Betz, For those of us receiving your blog via email we did not get this post until this morning. I read my email around 8 am and I thought I had 24 hours to check this out. Really I only had an hour. Just wanted to let you know. Thanks for the offer.

    • Betz White

      I apologize. I was hesitant to post this in advance of the broadcast because I wanted to be sure to have the correct link in place and I couldn’t double check until it was live. I’m sure it will be broadcast free in the future and I’ll try to do better. Thanks.

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