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Have you heard of the 100 Day Project? It’s a personal challenge that lasts 100 days. Participants choose an activity that will inspire them, bring them joy, or allow them to learn something new. Sometimes it’s doodling or doing a small watercolor every day, but in my case I’m doing 100 days of pom poms! (You can read more about the 100 Day Project here)


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Why pompoms? I wanted a project that was fun and easily achievable. I also wanted something that could potentially become a larger project if I combine the sum of the days to make a whole project at the end of the time period. I’m approaching each day individually though and trying to make this project about the process vs. the end result.


spring green pom

Pompoms are super fun to make and I have A LOT of yarn. Plus they’re a portable project, so I can still make them when I’m out of town or away from my studio.


cloudy pom betz white

Part of the project is posting daily photos on Instagram. Lots of people are participating in their own challenges and it’s amazing to search the tag #the100dayproject to see what everyone else is up to! My personal tag is #100DaysofBWpompoms. It’s only been going on one week, I started a day late and missed a day, but other than that I am keeping up ok!


daisy pom betz white

I’ll be offering up some tutorials as I learn things along the way, like making a a center color as seen above. This one was inspired by my birthday bouquet! In the meantime, here’s an older post with tips on making basic pompoms.

You can follow along with me on Instagram or check out the tag #100daysofbwpompoms. Also, let me know if you are participating in your own 100 Day Project!

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