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Let’s talk about COLOR!  This year Pantone (the design industry standard for color matching) has named “greenery” as the color of the year for 2017.  Green has always been at the top of my favorite color list, have you noticed?

I love all of the foliage motifs I’ve been seeing lately in home decor and fashion. While I’m not the best at keeping real life plants thriving, I can handle plenty of other green accents. Green adds a calm serene mood to a room, bringing the feel of nature inside. It looks especially good playing off of neutrals and white!

betz white color inspiration: green

photo credits: jungle eco-throw, green outfit, pendant lamp, staircase, monstera plant, shoe, living room, jungle eco-throw

Foliage, like big Monstera leaves and tiny succulents were the inspiration for my Jungle Eco-throw, shown in the collage above. I wanted to create a design with a lush, leafy look without being overly tropical. It really adds a fresh feeling to the room…and it’s great for snuggling.

How do you feel about green? Do you have a variety of plants in your home? I’m looking for easy care recommendations if you have any!


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