betz white pompom tutorial

Since the release of my new pom-pom maker last week I’ve received so much llama loom love! Thank you for your enthusiasm! The tool is available in my Etsy shop and comes with complete directions, however I wanted to share a quick photo tutorial here as well.

llama loom pompom tutorial

(left to right, top row then bottom row)

1) First gather some yarn, scissors and the Llama Lloom pom-pom maker.
2) Next, cut a 12″ or longer piece of yarn to make a tie. Wrap it around the llama’s belly and wedge into the notches to secure.
3) With a ball of yarn, hold one end of the yarn against the tool with you thumb. Wrap the yarn around both legs 80-100 times depending on the thickness of the yarn.
4) Release the tie from the notches and wrap it around the wound yarn. Tie a knot. (I usually hold the loom between my knees to do this) This will only partially cinch the bundle.
5) Slide the yarn bundle off of the maker. I do this by putting 2 fingers between the bundle and the belly, then push down on the ends of the legs with my thumbs.
6) Turn the bundle over and knot again, cinching tightly.


llama loom pompom tutorial(left to right, top row then bottom row)

7) Hold the ties in one hand. Insert the tip of a pair of small scissors into the loops to snip.
8) Snip all of the loops open
9) Using a larger pair of shears, trim the pom-pom, shaping it into a sphere. Holding the ties, turn the pom in your hands and keep trimming a little at a time.
10) Ta-da! Admire your pom-pom! Use the ties to attach it to a project.

Click here for a high speed video of the trimming process: Pom-pom trimming time-lapse

llama pompoms

I like to make pompoms that are nice and spherical but are still a little textured and shaggy, like the magenta pom-pom above. If you’d like your pom with have a more dense plush look, like the orange one, keep trimming the yarn shorter. I’ve got more tips and tricks to make fluffy pom-poms on the way, so stay tuned for that.


Betz White Llama Lloom instructions

I hope this tutorial was helpful! Each loom comes with a handy illustrated reference card if you need a reminder. Please let me know if you have any questions! There are still a few Llama Lloom pom-pom makers and kits in the shop.