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Llamallooma tassel tutorial

Pom-poms are awesome but so are tassels! Have you noticed that they are kind of everywhere this season? On clothing, bags, hats, home decor and more. And guess what? You can make your own tassels using the Llamallooma Pom-pom maker! I’ll show you how…


Llamallooma tassel tutorial


1: Wrap yarn around the legs about 25 times, depending on how thick the yarn is. Next thread the hanger tie (12″ piece of yarn, shown here in orange) between the 2 layers of the wrapped yarn. You can use a tapestry needle or just your fingers.

2: Shimmy the hanger tie around to the outside edge of the leg and tie it tightly around the wrapped yarn. Next thread the collar tie (12″ piece of yarn, shown here in green) under both layers of wrapped yarn.

3: Tie the collar tie in a knot around the wrapped yarn.

4: Slide the bundle off of the legs. Wrap the collar tie around the neck of the tassel several times then tie with a double knot. You can thread each tail onto a tapestry needle and hide the ends inside the tassel and trim off.

5: Cut the big loops with scissors. Trim ends to even up if necessary.

6: Done! Use the hanger ties to attach your tassel to a project.


Llamallooma tassel tutorial

I made three tassels then braided their hanger ties. This would make such a cute accent on a bag handle or zipper pull.


This tassel is made with yarn but the hanger and collar ties are made out of perle cotton embroidery floss. I used the hanger tie to take a little stitch at the point of the banner and knotted it off on the back. (By the way, this is a sneak peek of the School of Wool Summer banner pattern releasing later this week! Details to follow)

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