Color Inspiration: The Coral Majority!

Let’s talk about color! Coral is one of my favorites. From shell pink to terra-cotta to lipstick to spice, I love them all! Coral pairs naturally with green and pops off of white. I think it’s favorable to a lot of skin tones and can add a beachy vibe to home decor.


betz white studio knits coral throw collage

photo credits left to right, top to bottom: Poppies, lamp, door, floral vine eco-throw, vespa, shoe, building.

When I designed the Floral Vine Eco-throw for Betz White Studio Knits, I wanted to combine all of those things: Bright and soft coral with a fresh  green and a clean white background. The slightly-folkart floral style feels modern when blown up to a large scale. It’s been a favorite in my shop and I’m happy to say it’s now back in stock after having been sold out for awhile

betz white studio knits eco throw

Last summer I took this photo on vacation. I couldn’t resist getting those begonias in the shot! Looking at this now makes me want to grab a nap with that throw in the hammock or take it down to the beach for a picnic. It’s the perfect summertime blanket!

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  • Yes, I love coral shades! I think I like it so much because those like me who don’t look good wearing regular pink look good in coral pink. It’s sophisticated, too, kind of like a pink for grown ups.