NYNow Javits

Last week I exhibited my Betz White Studio Knits collection at the NYNow show in New York City! NYNow is a trade show for the gift and home goods industries. It’s where businesses of all sizes exhibit their wares to retail buyers and shop owners. This was my second time at the show but the first time with my own booth. The show takes place in February and August in the Jacob Javits Center, which is one huge amazing place!

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My husband Dave came along with me for muscle and moral support. Even though I only rented a tiny half-sized booth, it was quite an undertaking preparing, packing and hauling all of our gear there, setting up, and showing the collection for 4 days. It’s a long time to be “on” in presentation mode.

Betz White Studio Knits Panda Mascot and throw

I had a lot of new styles to share of my large knit eco-throws as well as my kid sized throws. I also debuted a new item, Mascots! There are 4 Mascot stuffies and new kid blankets that coordinate with them.

We learned so much at this show. In fact, after observing the traffic pattern of people walking down our aisle the first day we strategized a new plan. As soon as the show closed we did a quick change and reconfigured the booth. Not an easy task with limited materials and space to work with but we did it!

eco-throws, home decor, interior design, higgle

It wasn’t the busiest show ever (thank you Superbowl and snowstorm) but I received orders and made a lot of great contacts none-the-less, plus picked up some new accounts. After four long days the show wrapped up and we tore it all down, packed it all up and loaded out. Now I’m back home, exhausted and following up with everyone I connected with.

Betz White Studio Knits Aran Eco-throw

Also! I just updated my web shop so you can take a look at my new designs there, like this Aran Trompe l’oeil knit in blue! And to celebrate my leap into the trade show world, I’m offering you free US shipping on any eco-throw and eco-tot blanket/pillow/mascot from now through the end of February. Just order through my shop and use the code NYNOWF18 at check out. Yippee!