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Welcome to Day 3 of the Patchwork Llama Sew-along! If you’re sewing along with me and you’ve completed Day 2, it’s time to cut your llama shapes out of your sewn patchwork. Remember to add a 1/4″ seam allowance to your llama body template and cut a pair of shapes, one in reverse.

Patchwork Llama SAL 17

You’ll want to be sure to stay stitch the perimeter of the llama, stitching 1/8″ from the cut edge. This will help keep your patchwork stitching from unraveling.

Patchwork Llama SAL 18

This next part is a little fiddly! Take your time and be sure to use lots of pins to keep everything in place as you sew. Take your side strip (mine is three 22″pieces sewn end to end with a 1/4″ seam allowance) and pin it along the perimeter of the llama front, right sides together, starting at the back leg up to the nose. Leaving 1″ free at the start, sew together with 1/4″ seam allowance.


Patchwork Llama SAL 24

Pin the side strip from the nose to the foot and sew, easing the strip around the curves.

Patchwork Llama SAL 21

I’ve marked the photo to help my stitchline show up. When you get to the first corner of the leg, stop sewing, leaving the needle down. Lift the machine foot and pivot the work.


Patchwork Llama SAL 22

Then match the side strip edge with the end of the llama foot, letting the strip fold to the side. Then sew across the end. At the next corner, pivot again and continue attaching the side strip up the other side of the leg.


Patchwork Llama SAL23

When you get back to the beginning, trim the excess side strip and sew the ends together. Then finish sewing the last bit to the llama front.

Patchwork Llama SAL 26

Next place the Llama Back on top, right sides together, aligning the edges with the unsewn edge of the side strip. Pin, aligning curves and corners directly across from the Llama Front. Sew around the perimeter, leaving a gap about 5″ long for turning.


Patchwork Llama SAL25

Before you turn the llama right side out, be sure to snip the seam allowances at the corners and notch the curved seam allowances with pinking shears or just snip little notches. This will help your fabric lie smoothly without puckers. Turn the llama right side out through the gap. Stuff the llama with fiberfill, one handful at a time, until it’s firmly filled out.


Patchwork Llama SAL 27

Turn in the seam allowances at the gap and use a ladder stitch to close. There’s directions for the ladder stitch in your pattern or check out my video on Instagram in my Stories.


Patchwork Llama SAL 29

And there you go! We’re getting so close now. All we need to do is add the features: ears, eyes and tail! We’ll tackle that later this week on Day 4! In the meantime please feel free to post your progress in the School of Wool Facebook group or share on Instagram with the tag #betzwhitellamalong. Are you having fun? Please let me know if you have any questions. (Oh! And if you still need materials, I’ve got some Wool and Cotton fabric stacks available in my shop!)

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