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Today I’m excited to be putting the finishing touches on our llamas! If you’ve completed Day 4 then you’re ready to embellish. Time for Eyes, Ear Tassels and Embroidery!

Patchwork Llama SAL 2

Patchwork Llama SAL eye

Starting with the eyes, let it be said that if safety is a concern (i.e.: you’re making this for a small child) please make the eyes out of felt or just stitch some embroidered eyes. Safest of all would be to only make this llama for people that won’t try to pull it’s features off, since they’re hand sewn and not as durable as machine sewn.

Experiment with the placement of the eyes by pinning the button (or felt) to the head. With needle and thread sew the eyes in to place. You can hide the knot from the thread under the button. The llama can see!


Patchwork Llama SAL make tassels

Ok, let’s make some (optional, but super fun) tassels! Check out this tassel tutorial using the Llamallooma. For these I used a fine fingering weight yarn for the tassel itself and pearl cotton embroidery floss for the tie. This is important because you’re going to need to be able to thread it onto a needle to stitch with it. Make 2, one for each ear.


Thread one floss tie onto a needle and stitch through one ear at the point, front to back. Then thread the other floss tie and stitch through the ear from back to front. Now take the 2 ties and knot them securely.


Patchwork Llama SAL ear tassels

Repeat for the other ear with the second tassel. Sassy! Now your llama can hear! Ok, your llama could hear before but now it’s with style!


Patchwork Llama SAL x stitch

Totally optional as well, but some X-stitched details at the intersections of the patchwork is x-tra cute! You’re going to need a nice long needle (mine is about 2″ long), you’ll see why in a minute.

To hide the knot: (If you’re on Instagram, you can check out videos for this in my Story Highlights @betz_white). Basically, I thread my needle with floss and tie a knot in the end. Then I stitch into the intersection of the 4 seams, and back out 1/4″ from the intersection. Then I gently tug on the floss until the knot pops through to the back of the work. Now the knot is buried and I’m ready to take my next stitch.

Patchwork Llama SAL x stitch 2

When I’m done with one X I push my needle up to the next intersection and bring the needle out 1/4″ from the intersection (follow the red arrow in the photo above). This is why you’re going to want to use a long needle! Then I bring the needle back down to make the first stitch as shown.


Patchwork Llama SAL llama love

Finish making all of your x-stitches on one side and then x-stitch the other side of the llama. And you’re done!

I’ve been seeing some great Patchwork Llamas popping up on Facebook and Instagram! Be sure to tag yours #betzwhitellamalong. Post your finished llama before April 1st and you’ll be eligible to win a surprise bundle of goodies from me! :) Winner will be drawn at random.

Want to still join the fun? It’s not too late! Grab your Patchwork Llama Pillow PDF pattern and some wool and cotton from my shop! While you’re at it, grab a Llamallooma too if you’re in need of a tassel/pompom making tool. It’s becoming llama central over here, lol!

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