Hoop Weaving

I’ve been wanting to experiment with weaving for a while, but I’m hesitant to buy a loom or any substantial equipment. That’s why I was excited to see some weavings made on embroidery hoops! I have plenty of hoops and yarn to give this craft a try with minimal expense.

Betz White Hoop Weaving 4

I referred to the video tutorial by Robert Mahar to get started. I used a 10″ embroidery hoop for my “frame” and white pearl cotton floss for the warp. You can follow Robert’s tutorial (starting at minute 1:45) to see how to set up the warp thread like spokes on a bicycle wheel. You’re going to need an odd number of spokes so that your over-and-under weaving alternates as you progress around the circle.


Betz White Hoop Weaving 2

I used several types of yarns from my stash in varying thicknesses. I even dug out some wool roving I had from my needle felting days! I also added some tassels that I made with my Llamallooma™ Pompom maker. The whole thing came together in just a few hours. It was super fast and very gratifying!


Betz White Hoop Weaving 3

Ta-da! I love it! My son said it looks like a cactus bloom and I have to agree! I love the colors and textures.

Have you tried weaving? Sometimes it really feels great to exercise those creative muscles with a new craft. Next up, I’ll share my first experience with needlepunch embroidery!


  • Your son is so sweet. Yes, it does look like a beautiful cactus bloom. I haven’t tried weaving since I was a kid. I’m thinking I need to try another weaving project again! Thanks for posting your project.:-)

    • I hope you do try weaving again! It’s very gratifying.

  • Misty Pursel

    I love seeing all of your beautiful art, including this weaving and the punchneedle I saw you had done on instagram! I started doing punchneedle last summer and really enjoy it! I also weave. I learned using Angela Tong’s Craftsy rigid heddle class. I could not believe how much I loved it! Eventually I got a floor loom and I love weaving on that, too! There are so many wonderful fiber arts out there! I hope you get a chance to explore weaving more in the future!

    • Thanks Misty! I agree, fiber arts are pretty awesome. :)

  • LindaSonia

    Wow – your project came out beautifully! You’re making me think maybe weavng is something I should try to do to! :-)

    • Try a hoop weaving to test the waters!