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A couple months ago I started playing with punch needle embroidery. You might remember my woolly stool project I posted here on the blog. It’s super fun and addicting! I wanted to share a few of my experiments as I am getting to know the tools, what works and what doesn’t!

Punchneedle embroidery on wool Betz White

This improv piece is punched on wool fabric instead of Monk’s Cloth, the recommended base fabric. And it totally works! I love this because you can get away with punching just a section of the fabric vs. the entire piece. I had to use a smaller sized punch, this is the 14 Fine punch from Amy Oxford. My larger size 9 Regular punch wouldn’t work because it would be too hard to push through and would leave holes in the fabric.


Punch needle otter by Betz White

This little otter stuffie was made with Monk’s Cloth and the size 9 Regular punch, but in hindsight the 14 fine would’ve been better here too. I used stash yarn and trimmed the loops off of the tan yarn to give it a contrasting texture. He’s backed with solid brown canvas, but wool fabric would be nicer!


vintage sewing box punch needle Betz White

And here is my current work in progress! I’m recovering the lids of this vintage sewing box. I’m using Monk’s Cloth and stash yarn again. I’m loving it so far! I’m using a combination of both size needles to get the high and low loops. When I’m finished I’ll post more details.

Have you tried punch needle embroidery? Would you like to? I’m having a great time exploring the possibilities and am excited to share more!

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