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A few years ago I posted this cute little Pompom Sheep ornament on Instagram with a short how-to description. Since I’ve gotten many comments over the years I thought I would post a more thorough tutorial here on the blog. I’ll outline the steps below but the biggest bonus is that I’m linking to the templates for the felt shapes here.

betz-white-pompom-sheep ornament

What you’ll need:

Yarn – enough to make a pompom
Felt – about a 4″ square
Craft glue – I like Aleene’s Tacky Glue
10″ Baker’s twine
Pompom maker – I use the Llamallooma™
Embroidery needle

1. Make a pompom and tie it with baker’s twine leaving a tail to use as the ornament’s hanger.

2. Using the templates, cut face, ears and legs out of felt. Glue ears to face

3) Apply glue to long edge of leg piece and roll to create a long skinny roll. Pin until dry. Cut into 4 lengths.

4) Embroider a cluster of French knots with yarn on the forehead. See French knot video tutorial here.

5) Apply glue to back of head and press into pompom. Apply glue to the end of each leg and press into the underside of the pompom. Allow to dry before hanging.


Pompom Ram Ornament by Betz White

This year I was reminiscing about those animal shaped terra-cotta planters from the 70’s called Chia Pets (do you remember the jingle: Ch-ch-ch-CHIA!?) so I decided to update the pompom sheep into a Chia Pet inspired  P-P-P-Pompom Pet! I used green yarn to create the “foliage” pompom, tan felt for the terra-cotta legs and dark green for the green glazed ram head that was the first original Chia Pet. To make your own, just follow the same directions for the Sheep, only use the horn template instead of the ears and don’t add the French knots.


There you go! If you get on a roll making pompom ornams, be sure to check out last year’s free Rainbow Ornament with pompom clouds!

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  • Georgine Bosak

    I love these sheep and have made several. I lazy out though, and use twigs for legs. Thanks for such a cute ornament.

    • Betz White

      Thanks! Glad you are enjoying it!

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