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betz white favorite tools

Let’s talk tools! Sometimes I think we just go along using the same tools year in and year out for all kinds of things, but in particular, sewing! Let me show you my favorites that I most recently started using. Maybe these are already in your tool kit but maybe not!


hera-marker betz white

The first is a Hera Marker. I love this thing! You can use it with a ruler to score, crease or mark your fabric. It leaves no pigment, just an indented line to cut, stitch, or fold on that easily irons or smooths out. It works great on felt and I love it for scoring Peltex (an ultra firm stabilizer). The tool is weighty and smooth in your hand and easy to use.


frixion-on-felt betz white

If I need to mark a temporary curved line I love using a Frixion Pen. They’re not originally intended for sewing and can be purchased at an office supply store. The ink is removed by friction (like erasing the ink on paper) or by heat, using an iron. I like to use them to mark embroidery lines on felt. I find that some disappearing ink markers dry out so quickly when used on felt and the marks are hard to remove with water.


gluestick-and-felt betz white

Glue Stick is nothing new, but I’ve started using made-for-fabric glue sticks to glue baste felt appliqué shapes into place. I find that it holds things well enough to be stitched while being soft enough to stitch through, unlike other glues. And it doesn’t gum up the needle.


glued-and-stitched betz white

Here’s the line stitched (then ironed to remove the ink line) and leaves stitched in place. Easily and neatly done!



The last of the newish-to-me tools are the wonderful (and colorful) Wonder Clips! How did I live without them? I’ve been using these for the past few years for bag making (they’re great for bulky materials that are too difficult to pin!) as well as for holding bindings, hems, etc, while stitching. But lately I’ve been using them for holding glued materials in place while the glue dries. Plus yay for rainbow colors!

toolbag-2 betz white

If you’re interested in adding these tools to your stash, I’ve created a little tool kit consisting of these 4 tools, cinched up in a cute little bag with my logo. You can find them in my shop. These tools will definitely be put to use in my new Lil’ Felt Village Make-along Club but even if you’re not a member you will find these tools super handy! (Plus you can still join the club if you wanna!)

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