I can’t tell you how happy I am that spring is finally here! I’ve been waiting for these clear sunny days and cool nights sleeping with the windows open. Ahhh! This photo is of my neighbor’s tree, I photograph it every year, I love it so much. We live in Maryland near Washington DC, an area known for it’s flowering trees and Cherry Blossom Festival, so we are spoiled with pretty pink trees everywhere!

Springville cottage and shop by betz white

Inside the studio things are just as pretty and pink! If you’re a Lil Felt Village Make-along Club member, you know we’re 2/3 finished with Springville, the first season of the club. Last month we made the Spring Cottage (right) and this week we are wrapping up the Flower Shop (left).

We’re having so much felty fun making these adorable little buildings, I hope you’ll consider joining along if you haven’t already! That’s the beauty of the club, you can join any time and get all of the lessons for these two designs and the 10 more yet to come as we stitch together throughout the year. Visit this page for more details! (And I do have just a few Springville kits left before we move on to Summer!)

Are you a Spring person? What’s your favorite season?