Hexie House betz white

This week in the Lil Felt Village Make-along Club we are working on our Hexie House! The Hexie House is the 3rd felt building in the Springville collection. (If you’re not a member yet you can still join the fun here!) Each season I’ll be including a fun little add-on to our village. For spring it’s SHRUBS! Yes, of course we need some landscaping to go along with our dwellings so I’ll be showing club members how to make shrubberies that will never need pruning.

Hexie House WIP betz white

As I’ve been working on the embroidery lessons, I started using this “Ruby Minder” floss holder from Wisecraft to keep track of my skeins. You know how it is, one minute you’re pulling on the end of the skein and the next minute it’s a tumble weed. (Shrubs = good. Tumbleweed = bad) To keep my floss organized, I’m cutting the strands into 18″ lengths then looping them through the minder for safe keeping. Super handy when you have a cluttered workspace like I do! No more searching for the right floss for the project.


Hexie House with Ruby Minder

The Ruby Minder also has magical qualities, aside from tidy organization. Like it’s big sister the Ruby Ruler, it acts as a value viewfinder. That means you can look at colors through it to help you determine if the fabrics and threads you are choosing have enough contrast. (Visit Wisecrafthandmade to read more about value!)

As we wrap up Springville this month, the first village in the make-along club, you might want to think about joining us for Summerville, coming soon! I’ll be taking kit pre-orders in the next few weeks so stay tuned for that. (Need a Springville Kit? Get one before they are gone!)