Introducing the third and final design in Summerville, The Lighthouse!

lighthouse-dock betz white

The Lighthouse is the 6th project in the Lil’ Felt Village make-along Club, we’re officially halfway through the full collection! (Unfamiliar with the club? Click here to learn more!)

lighthouse-lake-shore betz white

Of course this design has a summery nautical feel with it’s red, white and blue color palette and striped tower.


lighthouse-stoney-shore betz white

The front has 2 large windows, the back has a small door and the top “lantern room” has vellum windows all around.


lighthouse-roof-off betz white

Like the other buildings, it lights up with the help of a battery powered tea light which you can access by lifting the roof.


lighthouse-Summerville betz white

The Lighthouse looks great on it’s own as a centerpiece or together with the rest of the Summerville collection.
I’ve you haven’t had a chance to join the club yet, you’re in luck! It’s easy to join any time and have access to all of the previous designs (Springville and Summerville) plus the 2 seasons to come! I release lessons weekly making the projects easy to tackle in small chunks. But if you get behind, no worries! The lessons are always available for when you have time.

Which building is your favorite from Summerville?