Introducing the newest project in Autumnville for the Lil’ Felt Village Make-along Club, the Woodland Cottage!

Lil Felt Village woodland-cottage-Betz White

The Woodland Cottage is project #9, the last building in the season of Autumnville. It’s got Tudor styling with classic colors and cross beam details with white running stitch accents. It’s amazing how cute a few simple stitches can be!

The roof has fun fringe-y shingles and a squared off peak. The sides have cute little shutters with x-stitched details all around. And of course, the windows are frosted vellum to let the tea light inside glow through.


Woodland Cottage back by Betz White

The back has a nice big chimney area with stitched brick details and a cute little chimney top with a puff of smoke (difficult to see the white fiberfil “smoke” in this photo)! Very cozy feeling, don’t you think?

Woodland Cottage toadstools by Betz White

And did you notice the toadstools? 🙂 Those are part of the Bonus lessons for club members this season. They are the finishing touch!


Lil Felt Village Autumnville by Betz White

And here we have the complete town of Autumnville: The Schoolhouse, the Spooky Clock Tower and the little Woodland Cottage! All illuminated with tiny battery powered tea lights. Aren’t they adorable together? The colorful leaf banner is another bonus project with the club.

If you haven’t joined the Lil’ Felt Village Make-along Club yet, you still can! We’re working through Autumnville this month and Winterville is coming in November! (Plus you’ll have access to the previous seasons, Springville and Summerville, to make any time!). Check out the info page here.

(P.S. I’ve got supply packs for all of the released seasons available in my shop. Or feel free to use what you’ve got!)