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How many times have you hesitated to start an embroidery project because transferring the design to your fabric was daunting? While I tend to have my favorite methods, I have discovered a new one!

cricut-moth-punch needle

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine.

I love doing punch needle embroidery on a wool fabric background, but wash-away embroidery stabilizers don’t work with punch needle. Enter Cricut’s Easypress tool and Infusible Inks! Infusible inks are only to be used on Cricut brand products, like t-shirts and tote bags. Those items will give high quality, detailed, brilliant results. But since my goal was to simply create muted linework to follow and cover with stitches, I thought it just might work!


cricut-infusible moth-sketch-

I started by inserting a fine tip Cricut Infusible Ink Pen into my Explore Air 2 machine. I sent the file for my design to the machine and it drew it onto a piece of regular printer paper. My design is symmetrical, but if it had text or it wasn’t symmetrical I would’ve made a mirror image of it.

cricut-transfer tape

Next I taped the Infusible Ink drawing face down onto my wool fabric. I used Cricut Heat Resistant Tape to keep it from curling or shifting.



Meanwhile I had the Easypress2 plugged in and heating up! It’s heat plate is 9″ x 9″ and it heats evenly edge to edge. It has easy to use controls for setting the temperature and time you need depending on the project you’re using it for. I set mine at 385 degrees for 40 seconds.



It worked! The Easypress transferred the Infusible Ink to my wool, perfectly even. It’s clear enough to see but not so dark that it will show on my finished project.


cricut-moth-punch needle transfer

I really love this as a solution for transferring designs to thicker fabrics that you cannot see through for tracing. I haven’t tried it yet on darker fabrics but I imagine that it will not show up as well because of the lower contrast.

What’s your favorite transfer method? Do you think you might try this?

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  • Leah Loy

    I am brand new to Cricut and to hand embroidery so I am not sure if this will work or if they even have something like this but what about using a white infusible ink pen, instead of black, on a dark piece of paper and then transfer it to a dark piece of fabric? Just my thought from someone who knows nothing of this stuff yet but wants to learn so badly!!

    • Betz White

      Good thought, but I don’t believe there is a white pen! The pens are made to be used on Cricut brand blanks which are all white so that the colors are true and vibrant when fused. I have a light pink Infusible pen but it didn’t show up on the light green fabric.

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