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Auction for Australia Betz White

If you follow the news at all you’ve heard about the devastating bush fires ravaging Australia. The lives of people and animals are at risk and the news is heart breaking.

I’ve decided to help out, I’m going to host a small auction on Instagram. 100% of donation goes to charity. All of the items up for bids are things I’ve made myself. Most are samples from pattern designs over the years, including bags, quilts, pillows, stuffies and more.

The auction is simple. Visit my Instagram feed @betz–white on January 11-14. I will be posting images to bid on until the auction closes at 8pm EST January 14th. The highest bidder will claim their item by donating their bid amount to the charity of their choice that is supporting Australia in their time of need. I will invoice winners for shipping costs. Details will be written out on each post.

Some great charities to consider are:

Australian Red Cross

Wires Wildlife Rescue


Together Rising

Please spread the word to anyone you know that might be interested in bidding and donating! Thanks in advance.

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