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Australia auction $ raised

Last week I hosted an auction (now closed) on my Instagram account to raise donations for the people and wildlife of Australia suffering from devastating bush fires.

I’m pleased to report that the 18 items earned a total of $1937!

Australia auction collage

(a selection of items that were up for bid, above)

Thank you so much to each of you that placed bids and donated to the charities of your choice. For my part I was happy that my photo samples, made from my various sewing patterns over the years, are going to be put to use rather than stored in my studio.

Australia auction ready to ship!

Everything is packed up and ready to ship!

If you weren’t able to bid or missed out, there are other craft related auctions hosted by others. Check out Knit Beyond Borders, who is hosting an auction at the end of January. Or if auctions aren’t your thing, there are plenty of reputable charities to donate to, such as Together Rising, The Red Cross Australia and Wildlife Victoria to name a few.

Would you rather be giving of your time? There is a Facebook Group called Relief Crafters of America (and I’m sure other groups in other countries!) that are working together to sew beds, blankets, pouches and more to support the small animals rescued from the fires. They’ve segmented the country into regional hubs and sub-hubs for sewing and collecting items to send Down Under. I donated some of my fabric stash to a few local crafters and I hope to sew a few joey pouches myself! (Edited to add 1/21/2020: Before sewing any donations, be sure to check the latest status of need from the sources listed above or THIS LINK. There are also many local-to-you shelters that would love sewn items donated to comfort their critters.)



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  • Susan Snooks

    And from Australia- thank YOU! I have been blown away by the generosity of the crafting community around the world!

    • Betz White

      Big hugs to you Susan!

  • Jacqueline

    Dear Betz,
    I have followed you via your blog and wonderful patterns for years. When I first saw that you were putting up your precious samples for auction, I was deeply moved. As an Australian, living through these harrowing, intense, confusing months with such unusual weather conditions, catastrophic fires and huge destruction, this act of generosity is intensely meaningful and special. I can’t tell you how much it is appreciated by those of us who know , value and admire your work.

    As media reports would attest, the devastating impact on wildlife – and the numberless unique plants, trees and wild places on which they rely for food and shelter from prey – is unprecedented and overwhelming. Your donation is important for the practical benefit that it will bring to individuals and impacted wildlife, of course, but it is also powerful in a symbolic sense, as an example of generosity, empathy and concern from afar. Please know how much it is valued!

    … Just a note by way of update for your followers and the relief crafter community in general, the Australian group which receives, co-ordinates and distributes crafted items for use in wildlife rescue centres is thanking everyone for their amazing response, but asking that crafters do NOT send any more items. It seems that the need for most categories of pouches, nests etc. has been met. Excess poses a huge problem for these groups, staffed largely by volunteers, to manage, but more especially to warehouse. (Most don’t have their own buildings and do not have funds to rent space…). They say that they will post patterns of items that can be used as fundraisers over the next few months. Funds from the sale of such items and monetary donations (such as the proceeds from your very generous auction event, Betz!) allow them to move onto the massively important phase of providing supplementary feeding to surviving animals in the bushfire zones.
    “….Items like joey pouches, bat wraps, hanging bags, etc. are in high supply and low demand, so you DO NOT need to make these any more. ….please redirect your efforts elsewhere so we don’t end up with items sitting in a warehouse going nowhere. (Please!!)….THANK YOU WORLD 🌎 For our wonderful international supporters – THANK YOU for your support, solidarity, kind words & thoughts, and crafted items so far. We ask you, PLEASE do not send any more items to Australia. We guarantee there are animal rescue organisations in need near you. …” This is part of a long message posted today [Jan 21] by Animal Rescue Craft Guild Australia on their Facebook page. The entire post can be seen under ‘Announcements’ heading at:

    Once again, thank you for auctioning your wonderful samples.! There will be some fire affected/ traumatised animals and humans who will soon be much more comfortable as a result of your generous, thoughtful donation!

    • Betz White

      Jacqueline, Thank you for your kind comment and update on the crafting situation. There has been some mis-information surrounding need so I appreciate your reliable source. I will update my post! Big hugs to you and your fellow Australians!

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