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llamallooma pompom maker by betz white

Throughout the winter I’ve been getting a slow but steady stream of Llamallooma Pom-pom maker orders. I’m not surprised! Pom-pom making is one of those low-key projects that you can basically do anywhere with any-ol yarn, a pair of scissors and a handy pom-pom maker like the Llamallooma. And what’s more mood lifting than a bouncy fuzzy little pom-pom?…..

Llamallooma pompom garland

…a bunch of them, strung up into a garland! I have a few pom-pom garlands hanging in my studio windows and it feels like a birthday party in here! Well, minus the cake, presents and friends, but STILL. I’m game for a festive fiber display any day of the year.

Grab a Llamallooma from the shop and make your own! (And you can find loads of fun tutorials here)


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