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I wanted to give you peek at the Stitch Sampler we’ll be doing in my new online class, Embroider Your Knits with Flowers. It’s like a regular embroidery sampler, only its arranged in a circular mandala layout instead of the classic scattered areas of stitches.

mandala stitch sampler WIP

One of the transfer techniques I discuss in the class is using a printable, stitchable, rinse-away stabilizer (affiliate link) that sticks right to your fabric.

mandala stitch sampler pre-rinse

You can stitch right through it, following the lines, The needle doesn’t get gunked up with the light adhesive and it’s very easy to use.


mandala stitch sampler rinse

After you’re done stitching you can rinse it away!

mandala stitch sampler blocking

Here’s my finished swatch, drying on a blocking mat. This was great practice! Afterward you can frame the sampler, sew it into a pillow or just keep it as reference as you stitch away on your other projects in the class.

To learn more about the class, visit the info page here!

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